5 Steps to Marketing Success in 2019

If you don't have it all figured out, you're not alone. I thought I'd share a few things I've discovered that could help you. Below are five steps to help improve your marketing in 2019.

Step #1: Audit what you did in 2018.

What exactly did you do and why did you do it? If things didn't work out as expected, what would you change if you rolled back the clock? 

Go into your analytics data and compare December 2018 against the same period the prior year. You might see trends that aren't obvious when you simply compare December 2018 against November 2018. 

Upping your Facebook analytics or Google analytics skills might be something to consider for 2019. 

Step #2: Explore your messaging.

Have your marketing messages worked? Are you using storytelling techniques?

Even subtle improvements in your messaging can take you from "kinda worked" to "wow, we had great results."

Improving your storytelling and messaging techniques could be a big goal for 2019. 

Step #3: Consider doing more with video.

Our industry is moving towards a future that places video at the center of marketing.

People are more apt to watch a short video than read a lot of text. 

That's why nearly every platform has released short-form vertical video stories.

And let's not forget about YouTube. 

Step #4: Which social platform have you overlooked? 

Are you all-in on Facebook? Have you ignored Twitter? Could LinkedIn or Pinterest be worth a second look?

With Facebook becoming a crowded place for marketers, it might be time to explore alternatives you've never considered in the past.

Step #5: Talk about your concerns and plans with other marketers

The best gems almost always come from interacting with your peers from different companies. 

Compare notes. Ask what worked for them and why. Maybe the right conversation could spark some useful ideas.

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