Best Social Media Marketing Strategy 4 Entrepreneurs – Gary Vaynerchuk

[Video Transcript]

Yesterday Melbourne I talked about this
and somebody started doing it on the
spot DM me and has already had a bigger
return on their business in one day than
everything they've been doing in social
for a year influencer marketing is grossly
underpriced people don't know how to price
themselves to take a picture with your
product or service or give you a shout
out some people are grossly overpriced
some are under priced but how many
people here sell a physical product
raise your hands everybody who just
raised their hands if you're not
spending twenty five percent of all your
marketing budget on influencers on
Instagram you're leaving an incredible opportunity on the table they will sell product for you how do you do it at scale you spend five to seven hours a day or have an employee do it and you DM people one by one by one by one until Instagram blocks you and you have to wait to start again and you ask them how much it would cost for them to take a picture with your
physical product whether that's
an umbrella or a sneaker or a tea or a
jam or whatever the hell you sell you
ask them how much it costs how do you
figure out if it's a good deal or a bad
deal you try I don't know your
businesses maybe you start with a
hundred bucks maybe a thousand maybe ten
thousand but you try always negotiate
it's like a garage sale always offer
less than they ask see what happens and
then just see what happens to your
business you have to taste
there's no metric you have to learn Suzy
takes a picture with your shoe you sell
800 shoes that's a really good deal for
800 bucks.

Suzy takes a picture with your shoe you
sell one shoe there was a bad deal for a
thousand bucks you have to get into the
rhythm of doing so many people in this
room and promise you when I say this
room I mean the whole world
everybody's talking about theories and
strategies and concepts and nobody's
actually doing do you know many of you
here have opinions on influencer
marketing or Instagram story ads or
Facebook but you've never run them
you're pontificating I'm looking for
practitioners I'm trying to figure out
who the in this room is going to be
a practitioner Instagram story swipe up
ads Instagram story swipe up ads are
amazing if you have a business
or trying to accomplish something by
Instagram story ads what's even better
about them is they have the ability to
have a functionality that you can swipe
up and send you to a landing page which
for a lot of you who are sales people
not marketers is very effective the
reason so many of you love Google
AdWords the reason so many of you
dislike Facebook marketing is because
you're not a marketer you're a
salesperson you're looking for an ROI on
every dollar you spend every time that's
sales that's not marketing and branding
the reason I win is i market and brand
I'm not looking for anything in the
short term I'm trying to build brand the
reason so many of you don't get the
goals that you're wanting is you're
looking for an ROI right away to prove
that it works meanwhile every piece of
clothes being worn right now was done by
brand not by sales the Yankees didn't
cookie you and make you buy that hat
they established a brand over the last
hundred years that's the game and please
understand today and this afternoon
are you a marketer or a salesperson and
do not be embarrassed if you're a
salesperson I'm a salesperson sometimes
- I have a wine project coming and I'm
gonna sell my arms off in
November and December that's fine
but I also know that when I'm selling
like a sneaker or a wine I'm losing
brand because that's the trade-off
finding that cadence the reason I try to
bring so much value is I'm trying to
build up so many equity that when I ask
and don't expect and I convert some that
the people that didn't want it still
stick around because I brought them so
much value as a matter of fact even
better when you really get great at it
you get the emails that I get which is
people buying that they don't need
because they feel guilty buy all the
value that I gave them
but most of all most of all Sydney
please do me a favor please understand
the moment please understand that so
many of you have so many options at your
fingertips if you actually figured out
what I'm about to say is true I put out
over a hundred pieces of content today
in video written word audio podcast
Facebook LinkedIn medium my website
Twitter Instagram and sort of stories
snapchat a day and I'm not putting out
enough content by a mile I stand
here today in front of you and I confess
that I am not producing enough content
even close even close and I'm producing
100 pieces of content meaningful content
a day think about how much trouble I
think you're in thanks dad
contextual content that matters to the
person that's seeing it everybody that
follows you or the ads that you spend
most of that group breaks down into 20
to 50 different demographic and
psychographics 42 year old white women
that live in Sydney making $400,000 a
year is a very different person than a
19 year old that lives in Brisbane and
makes 8 bucks an hour yet most people
make content for them and just put it
out and try to see what happens the
reason my content is the same but
slightly different based on the platform
is because the psychology of the person
who's consuming it is very different on
LinkedIn than it is on Instagram please
leave this conference and understand
that you do not make enough content and
that content is the gateway drug to
every ambition that is in your body and
that this is the golden era of the
underpriced nature of the platform
please become a practitioner please go
use Google and YouTube to educate
yourself on how to run ads and how to
make content at scale across every
platform because it is fundamentally the
quickest way to get there and then when
you make the content make it about the
audience not about your selfish desires
that very simple strategy if you
listened very carefully for the last
minute and six seconds that very simple
strategy because of the long tail of the
abundance of opportunity around whatever
niche or passion you have is 100% the
way you can win the next decade and the
reason I win the best game often and
I'll say it again and I think this will
make sense to you based on today's day
I'm here for you because if I'm here for
you I'm gonna get mine if you actually
give a about your customer and your
audience you'll get yours I promise the
problem is 95% of people aren't they're
doing do you only people are doing
a job or a company right now because
they heard there's money in it how many
people your trait chasing cryptocurrency
and don't even know what the
blockchain means you idiot and
you're faking by the way let me tell you
about life you're fooling nobody let me
tell you what actually happens in life
when you play the part on Instagram or
you think you know something about
something and you don't you trick the
90% of people that don't matter and you
lose credibility in perpetuity with the
10% of people that run
so for all the young hustlers that think
fake it to you make it's gonna work for
a minute faking and negativity and the
wrong thing always does quite well at
halftime it just always loses the
game sleep on that.