SEO or Search Engine Optimization—How To Do It The Right Way (Yes It Still Matters)


SEO is not dead! Don't let them lie to you! It's as effective as it ever was, it's just much harder to do than it used to be.

The days of:

    Step #1: Build a PBN

    Step #2: Stuff keywords

    Step #3: Get on the first page of Google

...and similar black hat tactics are long gone.


It's still possible to get on the first page, but now, you have to do it white-hat, at least if you want to keep your position.

In this article, we will talk about search engine optimization or SEO as friends call it. You will learn what still works in 2019, and how you can help Google position your page where it needs to be. Let's go!

"SEO is critical for the long term health of any content driven online presence...yes that means websites & blogs"

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Understanding How Search Engines Work


While no one knows for sure the exact algorithm of Google, apart from the people working there, understanding how it all works is not that complicated, and we don't mean technically.

What Google (and all other search engines) try to do is to put the most relevant content in front of the user, ideally high in the search rankings. If a search engine manages to answer all your questions without forcing you to browse through a pile of information, it does it's job great. And if we are honest, Google does a terrific job.

So, if your goal is to help Google position the content where it should be, slightly speeding up the process, you are on the right track, and SEO campaign can help.

However, if your goal is to TRICK Google and other services to show your content higher than it is supposed to be, then my friend you are out of luck. While using black SEO tactics like spamming suspicious links, or putting up poor quality content stuffed with keywords might show temporary results, you will lose in the long run.

Once Google notices (and it will, sooner rather than later) that you played the system, your site will suffer a penalty, and you will lose all of your precious traffic, and with it, your reputation. That's something not worth gambling with.

Here's a great Wikipedia article on how to use them for great SEO optimization!

Healthy SEO Tactics To Use In 2019

#1 Content!

seo content-is-a-king

Content is king, always was, and still is. Producing the highest quality content consistently is the best thing you can do for your Google ranking.

Bringing value to your users either through blogs, eBooks, videos, tutorials, or similar will not only increase the amount of traffic your brand gets, but will also build brand trust.

Your customers, visitors, and followers will know you are generous and willing to share, and that you are not just another sleazy, greedy internet sales person only looking for their money. Even if you are, make sure it doesn't seem that way!

#2 Make it longer

SEO shares by word count

When it comes to content, quantity matters too. Longform articles such as in-depth guides and lists containing dozens of items work great and attract huge amounts of traffic.

However, that doesn't automatically mean you should put fluff unrelated to the topic that brings no value to anyone, just to hit the word count. Your job is to produce a lot of QUALITY content, so don't let chasing the number of words hinder the value your article brings. Studies have found that it may depend on what industry your writing for but we've found that 1500 word count is generally a great median.

#3 Link building


Nothing will bring up the authority of your site, and its search ranking position like quality links...internal & external.

Try googling your competition, and see what sites link to their services. If it's a "top 10 list" or something similar, you may have a chance of getting in there too.

Don't hesitate to contact the site owner, telling them that you think your service or product belongs to the list. They will be glad to accept and update the content, as it does them good too, keeping the blog relevant. If you have an affiliate program, they will be even happier!

Just make sure you are reaching out to credible websites. You don't want to raise suspicion getting links from random blogs with no following that have nothing to do with your industry.

#4 Be careful with keyword research

seo keyword research

While doing keyword research is important, don't just blindly follow results your SEO tools show.

Writing about something you know nothing about just because people look for it won't produce quality content. Use keyword research for ideas, and for optimizing the articles you already plan to write.

But don't just deliver content that doesn't look like something you usually post, just to attract traffic.

#5 Think about user experience

SEO user experience

This is 2019, and the time of slow websites and Web 2.0 is history. Your site needs to look modern, and it has to work fast.

First, your site needs a hosting provider that can support its weight and traffic it attracts. Hosting is the backbone of every website, so make sure you sign up with a truste, quality hosting company.

Keep the design streamlined, using the same pattern on every page, and ideally the same color scheme. You want it to be recognizable at first glance, so give it your own touch, don't just leave your theme unchanged.

Make sure the navigation is easy to understand, and that it is simple for users to find what they are looking for.

But, the most important thing is to have your site fully responsive and optimized for smaller screens. More people browse the web from phones and tablets than from desktop computers, and if your site doesn't look good and work fast on mobile devices, you will lose traffic to competition.

#6 Take care of the technical stuff

There are many technical thingies you can optimize that will affect the search ranking, including:

    Optimize images - there's no need to upload pictures in full resolution where that isn't completely necessary. Smaller images will save bandwidth and will make your site load faster. Scale and lazy load images whenever possible.

    Host videos off-site - use YouTube, or other video marketing solutions to keep those bulky videos away from your site. That will save up storage space, making your site load faster, and it will also rank your content on more search engines. Master the art of using video in your marketing stack!

    Take care of tags, URL and descriptions - use only one H1 tag per post, preferably on its title. Also, take care of the title, meta description, and tags, as that is what people see in the search results. Lastly, keep URLs nice and short, containing only the post title, not just a random code sequence. Yoast SEO Plugin will help you with all that, at least if your site is on WordPress.

    Optimize code - this is a bit more advanced, but optimizing the code for speed will improve site performance. Minify the code, keep as much of it in the footer, only loading the essential part initially, and all the rest later.

    Use caching and CDN - caching plugins and content delivery networks will supercharge your site, making it load fast, especially for returning visitors.

#7 Build your social presence

Social-Media-Presence wit seo

Taking care of your business social media accounts is extremely important. While it won't directly affect your rankings, establishing your social media presence is a great way to build a relationship with your (potential) customers. Don't forget to include Social Proof & Sales Funnels in your marketing as well.

Try to post regularly, at least a couple of times per week, but ideally something every day. Ask relevant questions, sparking conversations with your audience. Also, respond to comments, don't just put statuses for the sake of putting them.

And don't hesitate to share content of other sites from your industry, and give praise. This will build up your reputation, and you will look like the good guy, not just someone there to earn more.

Lastly, join groups that are relevant to your industry, and respond to questions. Be generous, and don't just try to offer your services in every sentence and every answer. It's OK to do it here and there, but your idea is to genuinely help people, and establish yourself as an expert in the field.

This will result in them Googling your name, and ending up on your site, which won't go unnoticed by the search engine giants.

Become the CEO of your SEO strategy

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People often treat SEO like something mystical, while it's completely straightforward. The truth is that even if you don't pay attention to it, and just focus on producing quality content, and making sure your site looks good and work fast, Google will find a way to rank it where it needs to be.

The job of SEO campaigns is to speed up the process, helping search engines find the content, and put it in front of the users.

The tactics we described above work, and are successfully used for climbing up the search ladder by thousands of users worldwide. Start implementing them on your site, and you will notice improvements, guaranteed.

What do you usually use a word content for your articles or blog post?