Using Video In Your Marketing is The Best Tactic To Raise Brand Awareness


Using Video Marketing to increase website conversions

It's 2019 people, and the Internet is bigger and more competitive than ever. While it's true that it gives everyone a chance, taking advantage of those opportunities has never been more difficult.

Every single field is saturated, and no matter how unique the services you offer seem to you, the chances are that someone else is already thinking the same, and has an already established online presence.

How do you beat that? By staying ahead and embracing the new technologies and marketing tactics first.

One of those tactics is video, and in this article, we will talk about why it is so important, and how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Why Video Marketing Matters?

People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see & an amazing 70% of what they see & hear!

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stand out with video marketing

You will immediately stand out & be remembered.

The most straightforward answer to the question of why video matters is that not many companies use video in their marketing campaigns. And even if they do, they don't use it enough. Don't forget to make sure ALL your videos are SEO optimized also for maximum exposure.

If you start producing high-quality video material, you will momentarily stand out from the crowd, towering your competition. But there's more if trampling your competition is not enough for you.

It's the way people consume content


Now that almost the whole globe is covered with 3G and 4G, and soon 5G internet, watching videos from mobile devices in HD is no longer something only the richest can do.

Plus, smartphones are becoming stronger than ever, and even low-tier models stream videos without any issues.

We already know that mobile and tablet browsing is going to be the way people consume the internet.

However, while it was reserved primarily for reading articles, and social media, more and more people are streaming videos, even on the go.

You have to immediately start riding this wave, joining the hype, and be one of the first in your industry to start producing frequent video content.

Video Marketing will introduce your products with a bang

Having videos in your marketing stack that introduce your products and services, showing them in action is one of the best ways to boost sales.

People know that images get Photoshopped, and that product descriptions always overblow attributes and hide flaws.

While it's possible to be fake even in videos (thanks TV commercials!), it is much harder to do. Additionally, having video presentations of your products creates exclusivity, especially if you drop "teasers" even before products launch. It's something not many of your competitors do, guaranteed.

Convenience factor

Let's face it, watching a video is a much more convenient way of consuming information. You just put a few YouTube videos into the playlist, sit back and enjoy. No scrolling of endless text and tiring your eyes. The video is overtaking the scene!

While there are areas where you can choose between different types of media, videos dominate the tutorial and how-to scene.

If you wanted to write an article that will explain to your readers how they can install one of your plugins, why not attach a video to it too? People love viewing the whole process, as it makes it much easier for them, knowing they got everything right.

Having tutorial videos for your technical products will make them beginner-friendly, broadening the audience, and increasing the number of potential buyers.

Building trust and authority with Video Marketing

video marketing

If you decide to record videos of your employees talking about themselves and the company and put that on your "About us" page, you will skyrocket the brand trust.

When people see how passionate you guys are, and how trustworthy and reliable you all seem, there will be no more doubt in their minds that your team is the right solution for the problems they have.

You can do the same with creating social proof. You can video interview experts that are reviewing your business, or happy customers that are willing to share their experiences and the results of your work. You can even pay a case study and show in the video how it all went.

It's just a totally different experience when people see real happy faces talking positively about your company. While having that in written is also good, it's incomparable to having the same information in the video format. If it's true, people will feel the emotions, knowing it's not just acting.

Why You Should Use Video Marketing Platforms

While it's possible to have videos on your site, it's a much better idea to use a dedicated video marketing platform.

Uploading videos to your site is not a good option. It will eat all of your bandwidth and storage, and make your site super slow unless you have premium hosting.

That's why it is a much better idea to put videos on a dedicated platform, and in the next section, we will mention the best three options, at least in our opinion.

Best Video Marketing Solutions


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Every video hosting list starts (and often ends) with YouTube. The biggest video platform on the internet has over a billion users, and the number is steadily growing.

Uploading videos to YouTube is still a good option if your only goal is to "get found." YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and having your company out there means a lot. Not to mention that Google owns it.

Considering that it is entirely free to upload your videos there, it makes no sense to pass the opportunity.

However, for smaller channels, YouTube is not ideal. There are many reasons why, but the primary is analytics. Unless you have many subscribers, your YouTube experience will be somewhat limited.

You will see the number of views, likes, and comments, but that's pretty much it, all the advanced stats will remain hidden until you hit a certain viewer/subscriber count, and YouTube offers you to become a "creator."

Additionally, YouTube won't allow calls to action nor ways to harvest leads, at least not in the video. You can put links in the description box, but not many people go there.

Still, even if you don't plan to use it regularly, you should establish a YouTube presence, at least with a short video about your company. We say it again—it is the biggest video service in the world, the second largest search engine, and it's completely free. Go ahead and create your YouTube channel now.


wistia video marketing

While YouTube works for getting the video in front of the target audience really well, it doesn't do much more than that. If you want something else from your visitor, for example, to generate leads for future marketing campaigns or to make a sale, you will need a platform with more features.

Wistia will give you everything you need to embed videos in your marketing sales funnel. This powerful online video player integrates with other marketing solutions, but also offers calls to action and tools to collect email addresses right from the video itself.

You can create custom thumbnails, catching the user's eye, making them want to open the video. Those thumbnails are shareable through email too.

Wistia is mobile-friendly, and the videos look good no matter the device. The player looks professional, and you can choose how much settings viewers see. There are no ads or related videos to obstruct their experience, Wistia is clean and modern.

This online video player has HD bandwidth detection, and it will automatically change resolutions, making sure optimal quality and performance is present all the time.

Furthermore, Wistia offers a lot of actionable data you can use to optimize your marketing campaigns. You will see information about viewers, but also about the video itself. You will know where people lose attention, all shown in convenient "heat" graphs. Wistia will tell you which of your users were the most intrigued, displaying their information, allowing you to push them further into your funnel.

Wistia has a decent free account that will let you try the service. But, if you want to remove the branding, and get all of the advanced features, you will have to pay. Premium plans start at $99/mo.


sprout video marketing

SproutVideo is another premium business video platform. It focuses on security, analytics, and multi-user account management. It also lets you create a complete video website right on their servers, using pre-made templates and without any coding.

When it comes to security, SproutVideo takes it seriously. You can password protect videos, put on login protection, or even blacklist IP addresses. That way, you will make sure your content stays private, and that only authorized people view it.

Through SproutVideo engagement metrics you will have access to advanced stats that will tell you who is watching your videos, as well as watch time, percentages, and load to play ratios. You will also see devices people view your videos from, their IP addresses, and locations. Videos have heat maps, telling you how users interact with the video.

You can collect leads by requiring viewers to enter email addresses before loading the video. That address is later stored in a cookie, so no need for them to re-enter it if they want to watch the video again.

SproutVideo also lets you display calls to action after the video, where you can add images, links, or HTML code. This will help you capture valuable leads, improving your conversion rates.

Lastly, SproutVideo has a decent set of video SEO tools that will make it easy for people to find your content, but also for search engines to correctly index it.

SproutVideo is a complete solution that will meet all of your business video needs. But, you will have to pay for that amount of convenience. There are no free plans, only a 14-day trial. After it passes, the cheapest plan starts at $59.99/mo.


The video is the new way of marketing, and if you don't start following the trend immediately, you will miss out a lot. Don't forget to include some elements of Social Proof along with your videos to give them a real bang!

We hope that we opened your eyes with this article and that you will at least consider creating a YouTube channel. That's something every business should have.

And if you want something more, and have money to invest, both Wistia and SproutVideo are great options.

Just make sure that the videos you produce are top-quality. Putting up poor quality content can actually backfire and hurt your business reputation. It doesn't have to be 8k, but don't go below HD; it's 2019, not 2009. Check our article on Sales Funnels to help drive leads & sales for your website.